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Delivery, Title and Risk of Loss

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All items (new order / returned) purchased from the Website are made pursuant to a delivery arrangement stated in the term and conditions applicable to the product(s) and services(s). The risk of loss and title for such product(s) pass to you upon the delivery (new order or return) of the product(s) to you by fashionfitness.asia and/or any other third party designated by fashionfitness.asia.

11b. In the event of any unsuccessful delivery of the product and/or services by fashionfitness.asia or any other third party designated by fashionfitness.asia to you, due to your absence in receiving the products and/or services at the designated address agreed by you, you shall solely bear the total cost of further deliveries of the products and/or services to you. You are hereby notified that fashionfitness.asia shall give no refund to you for the products and/or services under the aforementioned circumstances.

In the case of absence of purchaser, fashionfitness.asia and/or its third party contractor shall require an authorization letter and any legal valid id presented upfront for verification.

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