Craveworthy Cargo Pants (purple) Medium

Craveworthy cargo pants (purple) Medium
Waist - 28.5" - 29.5"72.5 -75 cm
Hip - 39" - 40"99 - 101.5 cm
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Sale price: 1,350.00 ₱
Manufacturer: Zumba

How do we love the Craveworthy Cargo Pants? Let us count the ways! Maybe it’s the wear-it-your-way pant legs that let you rock ‘em baggy, or gathered at the bottom, or tied up with a snap? Maybe it’s their comfort or style or perfect fit for movin’, groovin’ and on the go cruisin’? Then again, we know what actually makes these cargos awesome is… you!

  • Tassels at side pockets that add extra movement while dancing
  • Back pockets with functional zippers
  • Draw cord inserted inside pant tunnel below waist band for adjustable comfort level
  • Bungee cord and stopper inserted at hem to adjust fit
  • Interior strap below side pockets to snap on to outside pant for option to roll up legs and snap to outside
  • Gusset added for better comfort and to keep your pants out of where they shouldn’t be!


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